[rt-users] Setting up rt-mailgate

Brelsfoard, Alex alexb at WPI.EDU
Thu Aug 5 16:28:02 EDT 2004

Hello all,

    Newcomer here.  This project has been dropped into my lap, but I think I
can handle it.  I just need a little help with some terminology and a couple
We are trying to set it up so that when you email an address we've setup for
rt it will create a ticket with the email's information.  Because of the ways
our servers are setup we've decided that the best way to do this is to make
all emails sent to that rt email address automatically sent (through
.forward) to a local app that reads the email to find the proper queue and
action and then send it to rt-mailgate with the queue, action, and url sent
Here's my question.  What is the exact definition of "correspondence" and
"Comment" for the action.  Our uses are going to be very simple.  We just
want to make sure that a ticket is created from every email sent to that rt
email address.  Is this the best way to do this, and am I missing any steps.
Thank you for any advice you can provide.


Alex Brelsfoard
Web Applications Developer
Web Development Office
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
alexb at wpi.edu

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