[rt-users] Setting up rt-mailgate

Michael S. Liebman m-liebman at northwestern.edu
Thu Aug 5 20:21:40 EDT 2004

At 04:28 PM 8/5/2004, Brelsfoard, Alex wrote:
>We are trying to set it up so that when you email an address we've setup 
>for rt it will create a ticket with the email's information.  Because of 
>the ways our servers are setup we've decided that the best way to do this 
>is to make all emails sent to that rt email address automatically sent 
>(through .forward) to a local app that reads the email to find the proper 
>queue and action and then send it to rt-mailgate with the queue, action, 
>and url sent properly.

You do know that, except for ticket creation, the incoming email doesn't 
have to go to the queue it is actually associated for? Put another way, if 
an email for ticket #123 in the sales queue comes into the email address 
for the general queue, RT will Do The Right Thing and update the ticket on 
the sales queue. However, to create a ticket in a queue, the email has to 
be sent to an address associated with the correct queue.

>Here's my question.  What is the exact definition of "correspondence" and 
>"Comment" for the action.


Those are the traditional/out-of-the-box-operation definitions. But really 
they can mean whatever you want. It all depends on how you set up your scrips.

>Our uses are going to be very simple.  We just want to make sure that a 
>ticket is created from every email sent to that rt email address.  Is this 
>the best way to do this, and am I missing any steps.

It may be sufficient to just have all tickets created in a general queue 
and either manually or through scrips move new tickets into the proper 
queue. Then you could just let RT handle routing follow ups.


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