[rt-users] Getting email to create a ticket

Brelsfoard, Alex alexb at WPI.EDU
Mon Aug 16 16:52:03 EDT 2004

Hello all,

OK, here's the basics of what I am trying to do: when you send e message to
the account 'rtgate' it will automatically create an rt ticket.
Current our servers are running RH9, with RT 3.0.8.
I have spoken with our sysadmins and the way they want me to do this is to
have all mail going to rtgate be forwarded to a procmail command sending the
message to rt-mailgate.  So here's what I've got so far.  The .forward file
"|exec /usr/local/bin/procmail"
The .procmailrc file contains:
LOG="--- Logging ${LOGFILE} for ${LOGNAME}, "
|/usr/bin/perl $RT_MAILGATE --queue 5 --action correspond --url $RT_URL

Right now when I email rtgate nothing happens.  Part of the problem is that I
do not fully understand 2 major portions of these actions:
1) How the email is parsed into a ticket?
2) how to name the queue I want it to be sent to.  Is it the id#? The full
name of the queue?  Or am I way off base here?

Any advice would be VERY helpful.
Thank you.


Alex Brelsfoard
Web Applications Developer
Web Development Office
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
alexb at wpi.edu

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