[rt-users] Attachments with international characters (Intern)

Marcus Ramberg marcus at mediaflex.no
Sun Aug 22 05:58:45 EDT 2004

On 20. aug. 2004, at 13.37, Jesse Vincent wrote:

> On Aug 19, 2004, at 12:52 PM, <ronny.pettersen at edb.com> wrote:
> Ah. So the issue isn't actually that RT doesn't handle messages with 
> international characters, but that we only process the message headers 
> for international characters and MIME::Tools doesn't do smart things 
> on our behalf :/
> I wonder if Email::MIME handles it better.

I think it does, I've been using Email::MIME in a system that processes 
attatchments with swedish filename, and those were handled ok. Anyways, 
it's easier to bother Simon if it's borked :-D I'm also very interested 
in getting this issue resolved, as it's been an annoyance for us for 
about a year now. :-/


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