[rt-users] RT Profiling

Jason A. Diegmueller doogles at doogles.com
Mon Oct 4 17:51:22 EDT 2004

> That SQL doesn't look right. There's some pre-caching that I believe
> current RT to be doing that your RT instance is very clearly not doing.
> What customizations have been made to your codebase?

I have five files in local/:
local/html/NoAuth/images/evtclogo.gif: Our logo or the top of every page
local/html/Elements/Footer: So we have our name and URL at the bottom
local/html/Elements/Header: To put our logo at the top 
local/html/Elements/MyTickets: Needed a custom field displayed on the main
local/html/Elements/Quit: Kills the Mason process, so dprofpp runs properly --
   per your request

All changes are very minimal, however I'd be happy to send them to you if you 
think I've dorked something up.  Other than these five, this is just a 
straight RT 3.2.2 instance.

Where to next?  I appreciate your help ..


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