[rt-users] RT Profiling

Jason A. Diegmueller doogles at doogles.com
Mon Oct 4 18:10:55 EDT 2004

> I don't expect to have time to triage this myself in more detail any
> time in the next week or two. I'd try to get a sense of whether the
> precaching of transactions is busted for some reason. And have a look at
> whether the SearchBuilder caching is working all right. And whether
> there's anything there that needs optimization.

I understand.

Obviously, the snapshot I sent you was a freshly-started standalone_httpd, but 
you're inferring there should be PRE-caching of some sort (ie, at startup)? 
Where would this data go on the local filesystem?  Could I possibly have 
busted permissions or some other localized problem such that SearchBuilder was 
unable to cache as expected?  Maybe another perl module that we rely on that 
isn't loading?

Most of our tickets don't get this many transactions so it's not the end of 
the world, but the feedback I keep seeing on rt-users is that performance 
issues are solved with the advent of SearchBuilder 1.10+ and I'd like to be 
able to mirror that sort of performance.

Regardless of where this eventually ends up, I appreciate your direction & 
feedback over the last few emails.

Take care,

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