[rt-users] searching for users takes forever

Sheeri Kritzer sheeri.kritzer at tufts.edu
Wed Oct 20 13:32:44 EDT 2004

Hey all,

When I attempt to add a user to a group, it takes forever searching for the 
possible members to add.  This is because there are so many names to search for 
-- there are almost 6000 names in our database, since RT makes an entry for each 
distinct requestor.  

I searched the archives, and a contract with RT support is in the works (it 
takes a long long long time, as I work for a university).  Anyway, I was 
wondering if there's an easy fix to get RT to include, when adding members to a 
group, ONLY users who have access AND rights to RT -- otherwise it goes to look 
for way too many users.  

I also can't really imagine why anyone would want to add someone into a group, 
who doesn't have rights to access rt.  Can someone give me a scenario?

-Sheeri Kritzer
Systems Administrator
University Systems Group
Tufts University
sheeri.kritzer at tufts.edu

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