[rt-users] configuring mail gateway Mac OS X

Derek Cunningham derek at curis.com
Thu Dec 1 17:04:07 EST 2005

Hi Frank,

Thanks, I hadn't granted that right.  I did it, and I still didn't  
get a ticket from that command.  Is that the result I should expect?   
It seems like there is something I need to do to activate postfix on  
OS X that I've missed.


On Dec 1, 2005, at 4:55 PM, Frank Pater wrote:

> Hi Derek,
> You probably need to grant Group 'Everyone' the CreateTicket right  
> on your queues. I can't say for sure regarding the SMTP config, but  
> I'd guess that RT uses a native SMTP library (Net::SMTP?), and  
> doesn't need any further configuration here.
> Frank
> On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 04:46:44PM -0500, Derek Cunningham wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> I've got a brand new installation of RT 3.4.4 mostly running on Mac
>> OS X 10.4.3.  The last thing is getting emails in and out.  I added
>> the aliases as recommended in the manual installation wiki pages to /
>> etc/aliases (/postfix/aliases) and I ran the 'newaliases' command and
>> restarted the computer.  When I run the command "echo 'hello' |  
>> mail -
>> s "Test subject" rt" as root from the command line I get a command
>> prompt back right away, no error message, but also no new ticket in
>> RT (what I'm assuming was supposed to happen).  What did I miss?  Is
>> there something to enable in each queue?  I only have two queues in
>> the system right now, General and helpdesk.  I was expecting the Test
>> Subject message to create a new ticket in the General queue based on
>> the alias and the test command.
>> I also haven't seen any instructions to set up outgoing mail.  I
>> assume that _somewhere_ I need to tell my RT machine the name of my
>> real email server...
>> Sorry for the newbie questions and thanks again for any help, this
>> list is great!
>> -Derek Cunningham
>> P.S. the Manual Installation page on the wiki makes many references
>> to "Chapter 4: Adminning RT", but my RT Essentials book chapter 4 is
>> Command Line Interface, and I don't see any links to "Adminning RT"
>> anywhere.  Sorry if this info doesn't belong here, I'm new to wikis.
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