[rt-users] Resolving ticket without sending outgoing email to requestors

Mahoney, Tim Tim.Mahoney at magicorp.com
Thu Dec 1 17:48:36 EST 2005

One way I combat this is by going into the Basics section and setting the
status to resolved.  This doesn't generate any mail out. 


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We addressed the "nice user" problem here by modifying the ticket-resolved
template so that it has its reply-to address set to the address of the
ticket owner, rather than the RT email gateway address...

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Is there anyway to resolve a ticket without sending the requesters a
confirmation email.  It works fine if the user responds with a further issue
on the ticket and the ticket is opened, but our nicer users might reply to
the resolved email with 'Thanks!' which reopens the ticket.  We

try to resolve it again, and again 'Thanks!'.  Is there a way you can
suppress this email and still resolve the ticket?

Davin Flatten

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