[rt-users] ScripActionObj question

Trask Rogers trask at lyris.com
Tue Dec 6 17:29:58 EST 2005

I see that something has been changed related to the "ScripActionObj" 
in 3.4.3.  I just upgraded to 3.4.4 from 3.4.2 and now a custom script 
we use (utilizing rt-crontool) is failing.  It dies in 
lib/RT/Action/SendEmail.pm when forming the Message-ID header.

The problem is that $self->ScripActionObj is undefined.  

Why would this start happening now?  I have spent a good bit of time 
trying to figure out the program flow to bring me to this point...  The 
particular email that is being triggered here is the result of a scrip 
that runs when a ticket is set to resolved and the requestor is to be 
notified.  I do not seem to be seeing this error at any other time -- 
even in other cases where this "Notify Requestor when Resolved" scrip 
runs (say, when you manually close the ticket through the web 

Any pointers as to how to debug this would be helpful.  More 
specifically, which object has the responsibility of setting the 
ScripActionObj and is it allowed to be undefined?


Technical Support Engineer

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