[rt-users] Managing SPAM queue

Asif Iqbal iqbala-rt-users at qwestip.net
Thu Dec 8 23:16:21 EST 2005

Hi All

I am using spamassassin before sending the email to RT. So it filters
out most-of-the spams before it reaches the queue. However there are
some spams that manage to slip thru the filter and make it to the queue
from time to time.

To collect those tickets I created a separate queue call SPAM. Users
drop those spam tickets in that queue and that part works just fine.
Now I want pull those tickets out of the queue and pipe it through my 
spam learner and then delete them. I think to do it as a cronjob would 
be most efficient.

However to achieve that I need to find a way grab the ticket with full headers in cli.

Any suggestion or hints on this or pointing to a already better approach
would be greatly appreciated.


Asif Iqbal
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