[rt-users] html "transaction appears to have no content", revisited

Brian Benson brian.maillists at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 13:44:19 EST 2005

Hail RT Devs,

My install of RT3.4 says "transaction appears to have no content"
when replying to tickets with html.

Unfortunately HTML in our outgoing mail is a requirement which I
cannot change and therefore I am unable to fully implement RT.

I tried using demime & stripmime in my mail alias to convert
the mails to plain text but both of them seem to mangle the
message body too harshly and I end up with missing text.

I found the following post in the archives from about a year and half ago
and was wondering if there are any plans to change this feature to a bug
and fix it.


>On Tue, Jun 29, 2004 at 02:15:44PM -0400, Todd Chapman wrote:
>> Clicking on the Reply link for a transaction results in a
>> message that says: This transaction appears to have no content
>> The content is HTML, probably badly formed, but displays
>> properly in the ticket display page.

>Not so much a bug as a feature we haven't gotten to yet. We can display
>html inline, but don't yet strip it for replies if it's a text/html part
>rather than a multipart/mixed.

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