Subject: [rt-users] creating web froms to interface with a queue

Torsten Brumm tob at
Mon Dec 12 11:16:07 EST 2005

The Self Service could work, but there a user has to authorize. A simple 
webform which will communicate directly to the RT can work. If it is 
installed at a different box, i think the RT CLI can be helpfull (if the 
CLI supports CF's)

The way we do this at this moment is a webform, generating a mail, which 
is parsed from the RT if it arrives at the RT Mailgate. This sets the 
CF's and all other needed things.


Joseph Micciche schrieb:

>>Does RT have anything like that, I couldn't see anything in the RT
>>Essentials book or the wiki. If I wanted to have a form in my intranet
>>for example to submit a request to an RT queue would I just build the
>>form based on the default fields and custom fields I have created for
>>that queue and then just have the form send the submission to the
>>email associated with that queue? Is that the easiest way to do this?
>That is one way. Another simple way is to use the SelfService interface
>that comes with RT as a base for your custom needs.
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