[rt-users] "What Patch is this?" Question re Subject:Queuename in Ticket ID?

Adrian Carter cartera at lei.net.au
Mon Dec 12 19:22:27 EST 2005

Hey all,
    I've got a dumb question here (well I feel Stupid ;) ).

    Ages ago when playing with some RT perl patches, I installed among 
other things RTx::Foundry along with Shredder etc etc. I've since 
stripped out Foundry and RTIR and other ones, but I never rebuilt the 
box that I now run 'Production' RT on (3.5.5 cause I live on the edge...).

    Anyway, one of the side effects I picked up from I *think* 
RTx::Foundry was that now my outgoing E-Mails get stamped with the 
Ticket SubjectRegex of [ $RT_Name:$QueueName # XXXX ] ... for example [ 
ISP:Domains # XXXX ] .

    Its a neat little patch that I've since exploited to allow me to 
have 'virtual' ISP's hosted under my RT system with the appearance that 
its entirely their own. The down side is, when I upgraded RT, I broke 
something with the patch. My outbound e-mails still get constructed this 
same way, but my Incoming e-mails are of course not matching the 
SubjectRegex as they should.

    Whats the 'incoming' side to patch to get it to parse this tag 
properly? I tried just using the SubjectRegex setting in 
RT_SiteConfig.pm, but this doesn't seem to have the desired effect - 
replies still come in and recreate new tickets.

    Alternatively, does anyone know what specific part of Foundry or 
what not that this little 'feature' comes from ? I wouldn't mind 
re-implementing it properly, but without having to reinstall all of 
foundry etc :)

Thanks guys!

Adrian Carter
Technical Manager
Leading Edge Internet

Web	  http://www.lei.net.au http://support.lei.net.au
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E-mail    cartera at lei.net.au

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