[rt-users] "What Patch is this?" Question re Subject:Queuename in Ticket ID?

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Tue Dec 13 11:11:11 EST 2005

At Monday 12/12/2005 08:07 PM, Adrian Carter wrote:
>Just wanted to add.. I know where the ticket tag gets marked up that way ( 
>rt3/local/lib/RT/Action/SendEmail_Local.pm) but I can't seem to find the 
>corresponding 'incoming' bit I used to have to patch the subject for the 
>incoming ticket...
>Adrian Carter wrote:
>>Hey all,
>>    I've got a dumb question here (well I feel Stupid ;) ).
>>    Ages ago when playing with some RT perl patches, I installed among 
>> other things RTx::Foundry along with Shredder etc etc. I've since 
>> stripped out Foundry and RTIR and other ones, but I never rebuilt the 
>> box that I now run 'Production' RT on (3.5.5 cause I live on the edge...).
>>    Anyway, one of the side effects I picked up from I *think* 
>> RTx::Foundry was that now my outgoing E-Mails get stamped with the 
>> Ticket SubjectRegex of [ $RT_Name:$QueueName # XXXX ] ... for example [ 
>> ISP:Domains # XXXX ] .
>>    Its a neat little patch that I've since exploited to allow me to have 
>> 'virtual' ISP's hosted under my RT system with the appearance that its 
>> entirely their own. The down side is, when I upgraded RT, I broke 
>> something with the patch. My outbound e-mails still get constructed this 
>> same way, but my Incoming e-mails are of course not matching the 
>> SubjectRegex as they should.
>>    Whats the 'incoming' side to patch to get it to parse this tag 
>> properly? I tried just using the SubjectRegex setting in 
>> RT_SiteConfig.pm, but this doesn't seem to have the desired effect - 
>> replies still come in and recreate new tickets.
>>    Alternatively, does anyone know what specific part of Foundry or what 
>> not that this little 'feature' comes from ? I wouldn't mind 
>> re-implementing it properly, but without having to reinstall all of 
>> foundry etc :)
>>Thanks guys!


The parsing of incoming subject lines happens in lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm 
(ParseTicketId). Unless I've misunderstood your problem, you shouldn't have 
to patch it just to use an alternate syntax - it should just be a question 
of getting the regex right in the config file.


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