[rt-users] Searching custom field from homepage

Jason Edwards platitudezinc at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 01:28:32 EST 2005


I'm currently testing RT for use as our ticketing system. We're providing
support for various ISPs (each ISP is a queue) and one of the custom fields
for our queues is 'Username'. I would like to provide the ability to search
for a Username in a given queue on the home page, to get a list of past
tickets for the customer. This would give us a history of the
customers issues and would also allow us to reopen a resolved ticket for the
customer.  I see that I could create a component locally, similar to the
Quick search or Quick create and add it to my local copy of index.html, but
I'm having a hard time finding documentation to help me out (on the web and
in RT Essentials), being that it is a custom field.

Has anyone done something like this before? I'd rather not have our staff
build a query everytime the need history for a customer.

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