[rt-users] Comment on Resolve, rather than Reply on Resolve?

Todd Chapman todd at chaka.net
Wed Dec 14 09:55:43 EST 2005

On Wed, Dec 14, 2005 at 11:30:52AM +0000, brian mccabe wrote:
> There may be a very simple answer to this but why is
> the default action to "Comment" when the Resolve
> option is chosen from the ticket header?
> Surely it would be better if it were a REPLY?
> The default action is to send a standard template
> saying the ticket has been resolved but none of the
> information entered in the resolution actions. I've
> tried changing the RESOLVED template to include the
> contents on the update but these appear not to carry
> through.

That doesn't work because the Comment and the Resolve 
are 2 separate transactions in RT.

> Is there an easy way to change the default action on
> Resolve from Comment to Reply?

I think you will have to make a local copy of
html/Ticket/Elements/Tabs and change the resolve
link $actions->{'B'} to "Action=Respond"
> Thanks in advance.

No problem.


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