[rt-users] Comment on Resolve, rather than Reply on Resolve?

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at ucar.edu
Wed Dec 14 13:37:26 EST 2005

brian mccabe wrote:
> There may be a very simple answer to this but why is
> the default action to "Comment" when the Resolve
> option is chosen from the ticket header?
> Surely it would be better if it were a REPLY?


I'm just conjecturing here, but in my mind there's two *standard* ways to deal with the idea of ticket resolution.

1) Query: Ensure that the requestor is absolutely satisfied with your resolution (or acknowledges that you can't do any further work on it) and close it when they respond.
2) Notify: Tell the requestor that you are done with the ticket and close it in one fell swoop.

I believe that bestpractical subscribes to the first notion.  That the requestor will send the final "It's working now." or "Thanks!" and that you then resolve the ticket with no further correspondence.
This avoids the problem of the second form where most likely you say "Your solution is XYZ - I'm resolving this ticket now" and the requestor comes back with "thank you" and the ticket re-opens.
The first is more verbose, however, and perhaps not in tune with standard system-administrator thinking "here ya go, have a nice life".  You can also end up with lots of tickets in wait-mode on user response.

It would be nice if there was some sort of global RT_SiteConfig.pm knob like "ResolvePolicy" that would make things behave according to the established site policy.

At our location, we modified the occurrences of "Comment" to be "Correspond".

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