[rt-users] RT::Transactions->count

Luke Vanderfluit lvanderf at internode.com.au
Mon Dec 19 17:32:54 EST 2005


I've written an Element that writes individual ticket loading times to a 
This file is then read by an html page.
The html page takes a ticket ID and retrieves a Transactions object for 
that ticket.
It then wants to count the number of transactions on the ticket.
I had this working on one machine (solaris 9) with the following code:

$ticket = new RT::Ticket($RT::SystemUser);
$transactions = $ticket->Transactions;
$numtrans = $transactions->count;

Then I transferred the code to another solaris machine (the production 
box) and it hiccups on 'count'  with the following message:

Can't locate object method "count" via package "RT::Transactions"

Why would that be?

Any suggestions appreciated.
Kind regards.


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