[rt-users] role based authentication from ldap

john habermann john.haberman at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 22:57:05 EST 2005


I am just looking into the possibility of Group based authenitication
for RT via an LDAP  directory. From what I have read in the LDAP
information on the wiki and in the email lists (see the thread with
subject: [Rt-devel] Proposed Contrib: External (LDAP) user info attr
mapping ) it appears that this is not possible at the moment.

I believe you can authenticate a user against an LDAP directory and
they are then created as an unprivileged user. Adding them to
privileged groups or roles in RT has to be done through the RT
interface. I just wanted to check and confirm that this was the case
or whether I might have missed something.

The reason I am interested is that we are using Plone to build our
intranet and have a group/role structure within that which is exported
to an LDAP directory. We can then use this for authentication against
a Jive Jabber server, Email server and was wondering just how much of
that functionality we could use with RT. I have looked at Plone
Collector NG which is an Issue Management product for Plone that 
utilises the workflow and groups from Plone but compared to RT it is
lacking in features and documention so am very interested to see just
how RT can work with LDAP.

Just interested in any comments.


John Habermann
The Wilderness Society

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