[rt-users] How to prevent Out-of-the-office Mails hitting RT ?

Steffen Heinzmann Steffen.Heinzmann at exel.com
Thu Dec 22 02:59:46 EST 2005


I'm quite new into RT and I have the below problem:

When user creating a manual ticket, and ad an e-mail address for the 
Requestor, and this
Requestor has his e-mail system giving an Auto-Reply saying "Mr. X is not 
in the office", 
This Auto-Reply is pulling everytime a new Ticket-number in RT.

Is there a possiblity to filter the subject of each inbound e-mail to RT, 
that e-mails with
certain subjects like the string "is not in the office" are not creating a 
Ticket in RT ?

Do you have any sample code I could use ?

Many thanks for your help ;-)


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