[rt-users] Notify owner unless they are already an AdminCc

Mike Patterson mikep at uclink.berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 11 12:05:13 EST 2005

By browsing the code and the wiki I determined that I want to define a 
Custom Action e.g. "Notify Owner and AdminCc's".
Then I would use it in a scrip "On Comment Notify Owner and AdminCc's 
using Template Admin comment"

I wasn't able to figure out the syntax to create a CustomAction...  
Basically I wanted to


But I wasn't sure where to add that line and what should go in the other 
Custom condition:   
Custom action preparation code:   
Custom action cleanup code:

By browsing the tables I figured out how to insert a row that would has 
the desired effect, note previous row was row '17'

INSERT INTO `ScripActions` ( `id` , `Name` , `Description` , 
`ExecModule` , `Argument` , `Creator` , `Created` , `LastUpdatedBy` , 
`LastUpdated` )
'18', 'NotifyAsComment Owners and AdminCcs', 'Send mail to Owners and 
AdminCcs', 'NotifyAsComment', 'AdminCc,Owner', '1', '2005-01-11 
08:42:51', '1', '2005-01-11 08:42:51'

Then I was able to call that action in scrip (it shows up on drop-down 
list now).
My problem is solved, but I would have preferred to have use builtin 
method of adding CustomActions.  Any tips concerning what should have 
gone in the "Custom condition:" "Custom action preparation code:" and 
"Custom Action cleanup code:" to create a CustomAction within my scrip?


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