[rt-users] Notify owner unless they are already an AdminCc

Mike Patterson mikep at uclink.berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 11 12:32:39 EST 2005


Thank you for your excellent suggestion. 
I was troubleshooting this morning and came to the same conclusion, then 
posted w/o reading your message.
This seems to be working well although I suppose it would feel a bit 
cleaner if I defined it as a CustomAction.


Ruslan U. Zakirov wrote:

> One way.
> Insert new record into table ScripActions with next column values:
>     Name: Notify Owner and AdminCcs
>     ExecModule: Notify
>     Argument: Owner,AdminCc
> Other column values take from existant records in this table:
> SELECT * FROM ScripActions;
> Then delete one of the scrips and change action of the other scrip to 
> action that has been inserted.

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