[rt-users] Rt 3.2.2/RTFM -- Multiple replies per article inclusion?

Roedel, Mark MarkRoedel at letu.edu
Tue Jan 18 11:02:40 EST 2005

Seems like lately when questions like this have come up, the first
question that's been asked has been whether the MySQL tables involved
are InnoDB or not.

Are they?  (If they aren't, then RT isn't able to roll back updates,
which it would seem certainly could lead to the type of thing you're

Mark Roedel
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Hi, I'm integrating RTFM into our RT 3.2.2 installation, and I'm running
into an odd problem.

When I attempt to include an article into a ticket, I hit "Reply", then
article search term, hit "Go", hit "Go" again to include it into the
body of
the ticket, then hit "Update" to lock down my changes.

This seems to add four replies to my ticket.  One blank, two with only
subject line included, then one with the actual included body of the

This is...  Suboptimal.  I have to hit "Go" to search for the article,
and I
have to hit "Go" to inline it; otherwise I get no article in my ticket.
appears that each time I do that, it's actually updating the ticket,
seems a bit odd.

My article is a one-field article, the field is TextSimple, and it
seem to matter what ticket I attach to or what class the article is a
of.  This behavior happens nowhere else in RT that I can find, though I
noticed that if I switch from "Comment" to "Reply" on a ticket--for
if I just clicked the wrong thing, say--it also adds a blank item of
correspondence.  This, I feel, is similar enough to note, perhaps, but
necessarily related.

Anyone seen anything similar to this, or run into this issue?

(Oh, it's RedHat EL with some Core 3 updates, MySQL 4.1, and the latest
RT/RTFM release tarballs available.)


Daniel Porowski
dporowski at myrio.com


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