[rt-users] Re: How to hightlight open tickets that have been updated by the Requestor?

Michael Brown brown_m_k at yahoo.ca
Wed Jan 19 12:42:25 EST 2005

I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but I implemented this 
on my system in order to see on the "home page" who was the last 
responder on tickets I currently own.

I'm using the Debian packages for RT, so my paths may be different than 
yours.  Replace /usr/share/rt and /usr/local/share/rt with the paths 
appropriate to your system.  In /usr/local/share/rt/html/ (or wherever 
your local html directory is) make sure you have a directory called 
Elements.  In Elements, copy the file 
/usr/share/rt/html/Elements/MyTickets to /usr/local/share/rt/html/MyUpdates.

Then modify the file MyUpdates to the Following:

### Start PERL CODE ###
         title => loc("[_1] most recently updated tickets I own", $rows),
         title_href => "Search/Results.html".$QueryString &>
<& /Elements/TicketList,
         Format => "'<a 
QueueName, ExtendedStatus, LastUpdated, LastUpdatedBy",
         Query => $Query,
         OrderBy => 'LastUpdated',
         Order => 'DESC',
         ShowNavigation => 0,
         Rows => $rows

my $rows = $RT::MyRequestsLength;

my $Query = " Owner = '".$session{'CurrentUser'}->Id."' AND ( Status = 
'new' OR Status = 'open')";

my $QueryString = '?' . $m->comp('/Elements/QueryString',
             Query => $Query,
             Order => 'DESC',
             OrderBy => 'Priority') if ($Query);

### End perl Code for MyUpdates ###

Next, you'll need to copy /usr/share/rt/html/index.html to 
/usr/local/share/rt/html/index.html and modify it as follows.

Scroll down the file 'till you find the following.  Add the <& 
/Elements/MyUpdates &> wherever it makes sense for your organization.  I 
put it after the MyTickets part, but before the MyRequests (unowned 

<TD WIDTH=70% class="boxcontainer">
<& /Elements/MyTickets &>
<& /Elements/MyUpdates &>
<& /Elements/MyRequests &>
<& /Elements/QuickCreate &>
<TD class="boxcontainer">

Hope that helps!


Pei Ku wrote:
> Hi,
> My group is using RT to keep track of requests created by internal users (ie, employees of my company).  Typical life cycle of a ticket in my group's queue involves several rounds of correspondences between the Requestor and Owner of the Ticket.  Normally, a owner may have half a dozen unresolved tickets in the queue, many of them waiting for Replies from the Requestors in order to determine and take the next appropriate action.
> I would like to find a way to highlight those tickets that have received an updated Correspondence on an existing unresolved ticket from the Requestor.  Several possiblilities come to mind:
> #1 (kinda weak) - I believe the "Told" timestamp is the last time a Reply has been sent to the Requestor; "LastUpdated" timestamp is the last time when the most recent Reply (or Comment?) by anyone.   Maybe I can do something by comparing these two values...
> #2 - create some sort of On Correspondence scrip where it would set (perhaps) a Custom Field to one of two values, depending on the writer is a member of the queue manager ...
> anyway, these are vague ideas.  Just wondering if anyone has got a solution already :-)

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