[rt-users] On Correspond Scrip error. (E-mail, template, scrip, RT config)

Ruslan U. Zakirov Ruslan.Zakirov at acronis.com
Fri Jan 21 15:03:30 EST 2005

Try to analize template content in DB
 > SELECT Content FROM Templates;

Tomas Landin T (TN/ETE) wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> Problem synopsis:
> On Correspond scrip fails to dispatch an e-mail to the requestor and generates
>  unexpected messages in the logfile.
> What happens:
> When anybody enters a new Reply in a ticket, the reply is recorded properly in the
>  database and it shows up in the ticket history as it should do.
> No e-mail is dispatched to the Requestor however.
> rt.log:
> [error] error: unexpected end of header (/opt/rt3/lib/RT/Template_Overlay.pm:363)
> [debug]: About to commit scrips for transaction214 (/opt/rt3/lib/RT/Transaction_Overlay.pm:153)
> [info]: <rt-3.2.2-24-214-5.10.8762648993009 at> #24/214 - Scrip 5 (/opt/rt3/lib/RT/Action/SendEmail.pm:231)
> [info]: <rt-3.2.2-24-214-5.10.8762648993009 at> No recipients found. Not sending. (/opt/rt3/lib/RT/Action/SendEmail.pm:243)
> More detail:
> The template does contain proper headers (two blank lines at the top of the template), so I don't know why the header-error message is shown in the log. Also tried using the (unchanged) blank template with the same result, and hopefully the supplied templates are fully functional.
> Have also tried replacing it with the AutoReply on create-template, that is in the On Correspond scrip, but it returned the same error.
> The server can send messages, which was verified manually with Pine.
> AutoCreate scrip/template and e-mail works fine, which leads me to believe that the error is centered around RT, and the On Correspond scrip.
> System detail:
> SuSE Linux 9.1
> Apache 2.0.52
> MySQL 4.1.8
> Perl 5.8.3
> RT 3.2.2
> // Tomas Landin
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