[rt-users] RT talking with RT

Roman Hochuli roman.hochuli at nexellent.ch
Mon Jan 24 09:13:14 EST 2005

Hello List

We have a, well, "strange" behaviour here when two different RT 
instances are talking to eachother. It seems that when RT1 is sending a 
mail to RT2 to open a ticket RT2 is not sending out an Autoreply-Message 
even tough the global scrips are inplace which do so. This seems to be 
an RT-RT-speciality because if a "human" is sending a mail to RT2 the 
autoreply works.

Is this behaviour planned that way?
If so: is the only possibility to create an Autoreply back some kind of 

I have read thru the wiki and I tried to look into the archives but 
without beeing able to search in the archives it this is not really 
useful... :(

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,
Roman Hochuli
Operations Manager

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