[rt-users] RT talking with RT

Andy Harrison aharrison at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 14:48:13 EST 2005

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 15:13:14 +0100, Roman Hochuli
<roman.hochuli at nexellent.ch> wrote:
> Hello List
> We have a, well, "strange" behaviour here when two different RT
> instances are talking to eachother. It seems that when RT1 is sending a
> mail to RT2 to open a ticket RT2 is not sending out an Autoreply-Message
> even tough the global scrips are inplace which do so. This seems to be
> an RT-RT-speciality because if a "human" is sending a mail to RT2 the
> autoreply works.

This is just a wild guess, but I'm wondering if it has something to do
with the NotifyActor setting...   It may be because the identities are
the same and if you have NotifyActor turned off, no message will be
sent.  Like I said, just a guess.

Andy Harrison

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