[rt-users] RTx-Shredder

Caleb Peters caleb at earnware.com
Tue Jan 25 14:20:42 EST 2005

Hello RT users,


I downloaded and installed  RTx-Shredder from CPAN and I installed the patch that comes with it. I had it semi working in that, when I ran the rtx-shredder script I got a message that said "49 tickets will be deleted, are you shure?" and I said yes. It then acted like it worked but when I went and ran it again I got the exact same message. I then applied the patch that came with the CPAN install and now when I run the script I get "Ticket List Empty" which I know is not true because I'm looking at the deleted tickets. 


I searched through the archives and it looks like some other people were having the same problems I am experiencing but for everyone else when the applied the patch it seemed to work for them. I'm just wondering, am I doing something wrong.


RT: 3.2.2

Debian Install

MySQL 4.0.22

Perl 5.8.4

Apache 1.3.33

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