[rt-users] Showing only recent ticket history

Kumar, Vasanth vakumar at blackrock.com
Wed Jan 26 17:06:21 EST 2005

If you look at html/Ticket/Elements/ShowHistory, you will notice that it
iterates through each Transaction.  But before doing anything with the
transaction, it invokes the callback "SkipTransaction".  So it appears
that you might be able to implement this callback and have it accept
only the first 5 updates to the ticket.


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When a ticket is very long, it can take a long time to build the html on
the display page.
Is there a way to only display something like "only the last 5 updates
to the ticket"? Or some magical number which may be site independent?
This is usually still relevant to the ticket, and wouldn't take forever
to load.
Another button could be placed to see full ticket history, I suppose.
Has anyone worked on, or thought about this? 
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