[rt-users] Re: RT Install: Problems Accessing the Website

Carlos Randolph macnlos at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 12:09:01 EDT 2005

I'm still stuck with this issue. I took a look at the wiki for RHEL
Installation with FastCGI and tried some of the HTTPD.CONF setting there
with no success.

What concerns me is that I can find no errors anywhere. I've looked in every
log I could imagine and nothing shows up.


On 10/10/05, Carlos Randolph <macnlos at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm tasked with installing RT on a SuSE - SLES9 server and have reached a
> point where I have no idea where to look. FYI: I have my trusty "RT
> Essentials" book in hand and I've been working from it.
> Our SLES9 box is running with the following for this installation:
> - Apache2
> - FastCGI
> - MySQL 4.1x
> I've passed all the PERL dependencies, run all the database initialization
> and I'm at the point where I'm configuring our web server. RT will be
> running as part of our regular docroot, not as a separate Virtual Host.
> I'm try to access the website but I keep getting the "You're Almost
> There!" web page that states I have not configured mod_perl, fastcgi... I've
> combed the apache2 error logs and there is nothing in there. I've look at
> the RT.log file, which is set to debug level, and nothing in there.
> I have configured things pretty vanilla and followed the book. Any
> hints/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
> C.Randolph
> Here are the configurations that I'm using:
> ===RT Configure Command===
> ./configure
> --with-rt-group=dti9grp
> --with-bin-owner=dti9appl
> --with-libs-owner=dti9appl
> --with-libs-group=dti9grp
> --with-web-user=wwwrun
> --with-web-group=www
> --with-db-type=mysql
> --with-db-host=localhost
> --with-db-port=3306
> --with-db-rt-host=localhost
> --with-db-dba=rt_user
> --with-db-database=rt3
> --with-db-rt-user=rt_user
> --with-db-rt-pass=XXXXX
> ===HTTPD.CONF===
> FastCgiServer /opt/rt3/bin/mason_handler.fcgi
> AddHandler fastcgi-script .fcgi
> Alias /rt3/NoAuth/images/ /opt/rt3/share/html/NoAuth/images/
> ScriptAlias /rt3 /opt/rt3/bin/mason_handler.fcgi/
> ===RT_SiteConfig.PM===
> Set( $rtname, 'DTIS');
> Set( $Organization, 'dtis.company.com <http://dtis.company.com>');
> Set( $Timezone, 'US/Central');
> Set( $WebBaseURL, 'http://ratl4prd') <http://ratl4prd%27%29>;
> Set( $WebPath, '/rt3');
> Set( $WebImagesURL, $WebPath . '/NoAuth/images/');
> Set( $CorrespondAddress, 'dtismail at company.com');
> Set( $CommentAddress, 'dtismail at company.com');
> Set( $SendmailPath, '/usr/lib/sendmail');
> Set( $LogToSyslog, 'debug'); #disables syslog
> Set( $LogToFile, 'debug'); #set file logging to include everything
> Set( $LogDir, '/opt/rt3/var/log'); #path to the log
> Set( $LogToFileNamed, 'rt.log'); #logfile name
> 1;
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