[rt-users] Outgoing From and Reply to:

Maillisting maillist at sitepier.com
Thu Oct 13 14:45:27 EDT 2005

Hello Everyone,

I tried to look through the old mailing list threads and from the  
documentation but I have not found a clear solutions of what I would  
like to implement.  I will use the following :

Domain 1 =  support at jason.com    (For main domains)
Domain 2 = support at helpme.com ( For outsourced support)

Basically I am running a server with Postfix + MySQL + Virtual Users  
and now I would like to put on this server the RT control panel.   
Since the main name jason.com is a virtual domain name and it cannot  
work with RT Mailgate Options I will need to leave jason.com as a  
virtual domain and then create a local domain called helpme.com.

So what will happen is that if I e-mail support at jason.com it will  
forward to support at helpme.com and be directed into the Support Queue  
of RT which that is fine.  Now when a support tech reply's to the  
customer I want the corresponding address and Reply address to show  
support at jason.com and not support at helpme.com.

This will also be vise-versa.  If someone e-mails support at helpme.com  
that the reply to and corresponding address will be  
support at helpme.com.  I am not to sure if RT can do this and if it can  
does anyone have any knowledge of how I could accomplish it?  I may  
just be thinking to hard about it also..

Jason B.

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