[rt-users] setting up fields & sorting custom fields

Craig Stevenson stevensc at nsuok.edu
Fri Oct 28 10:50:49 EDT 2005


I have a couple of issues that I could use advice on.

-- I am able to create custom fields on my ticket. I do not see how it 
is possible to get the values in the custom fields.  It should show up 
in other locations (such as viewing ticket, location in presumably the 
tickets table.

Any pointers to helpful information is greatly appreciated.

-- Arranging the forms on the ticket page.  It is unclear to me how to 
go about fixing the layout of the custom fields.  There are certain 
groupings I would like to maintain betwee particular fields.  But rt 
just puts them where it likes. 

Is there some editing I could do that would give me control over the layout?

Thanks for the help!

Craig Stevenson
|| stevensc at nsuok.edu | 918-456-5511x5955
|| Northeastern State University
|| 601 N. Grand | Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74464-2399

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