[rt-users] creating a new RT instance from scratch

Randy Paries rtparies at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 18:27:52 EDT 2005

Have been running rt3.0 for some time
I am now building a new box from scratch

So i just got it up and running
it is fedora , RT 3.4.4 and mysql

We only allow email access to our customers, and our helpdesk people
use the web interface.

one of the things i had problems with my old 3.0, is everytime a
person opened a call, it created a new user and 4 new groups. Our
numbers were getting high and the performace was really suffering.

So i am wondering what other people are doing. For every new call do i
have to create all these groups? I have about 5000 customers

Thanks for any help or insite


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