[rt-users] Parent Queues

Bob Goldstein bobg at uic.edu
Mon Oct 31 10:16:48 EST 2005

>We are a software developer evaluating R/T as our client support system.
>Can anyone tell me if it is possible to link queues to a parent queue?  We
>are trying to minimise the total number of queues to review on the summary
>page whilst still maintaining a separate queue for each system by client.
>We have many companies that use our system and we would like each company to
>be able to review outstanding tickets in a queue for their company only.
>e.g. Queue name Client1PMqueue, Client2PMqueue are linked to a parent queue
>PMQueue that allows us to view all requests for the PM system.
>Any assistance in where to look for more information or discussion as to if
>this is possible would be appreciated.

   I don't think you can link queues in that manner.  But it's pretty
   easy to make a query that returns all the open tickets in a set
   of queues.  It's really no trouble to review "all tickets in
   all the PM queues".


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