[rt-users] Can RT be used with Shared/Virtual webhosting?

Chaim Rieger chaim.rieger at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 12:48:57 EST 2006

On Feb 7, 2006, at 9:23 AM, Ryan Small wrote:

> I'm evaluating RT and have what should be a basic question: "Can RT  
> be used with Shared/Virtual webhosting?"
> Let me clarify: For example, lets suppose our company has a  
> website, www.mycompany.com, which is hosted with another company on  
> a shared server.  As a result, our ability to configure this server  
> is limited.  Assuming that the server at the webhost is running the  
> necessary software (Apache, MySql, Perl, etc.), can RT be used in  
> this environment?
> The reason I ask is because it seems according to the  
> documentation, including the RT Essentials book which I purchased,  
> that some of the configuration is only possible if you have  
> unrestricted access to the server.
> Thanks,
>   Ryan

you can run rt as rt.company.com or as www.company.com/rt

you dont need mod_perl you can use fcgi, mod_fcgi etc....

as long as you can install cpan stuff (perl) you can run rt.

any questions feel free to ask

Chaim Rieger
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