[rt-users] Scaling RT to Enterprise tool

Rick Russell rickr at rice.edu
Wed Feb 8 12:18:50 EST 2006

Jörg Ungermann wrote:
> In future we expect to have 
> something like 400 users (agents),
> 5- 10 000 customers (requestors) and mor than 
> 1000 tickets a month.

We've got about 150 agents, 10000 active customers and about 3000
tickets a month. The help desk alone processes 1000 tickets a month.
Works great.

> Anyone having a comparable installation?
> How is a distributed installation handled (we think of 1 database and severeal webservers hosting RT)?

We're currently running the web & e-mail front ends and other stuff on
one server, and the database on another server. Works fine. In a pinch,
one server could probably do both.

> How must maintenance be done to control database size and keep up performance?

With about 60000 tickets in the system, we're doing OK. We've taken no
special measures to reduce database size.

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