[rt-users] installing RT in Windows 2000 environment

Mariusz Stakowski StakowskiM at prokom.pl
Mon Feb 13 06:38:10 EST 2006

                                        Hello list,

                I'm trying to install RT in Windows 2000 environment. 
Everything go well until the moment of execution of cgi script at 
http://localhost:8284/cgi-bin/initdb.cgi. At this moment I receive the 
folowing message:
The page cannot be displayed.

                I have tried to look for the help in RT archives but could 
not find the answer. I have found similar question in the mails, but the 
answer for it was to look for a help in FAQs. But there too - there was 
nothing concernig my problem. I have browsed though RT mail archives for 
last two years but with no success. Or maybe I am not smart enough to find 
it ? Or I am the only one to have this problem ? It is true - I am 
beginner in Apache/WWW/RT world. 

                                Could someone give me a hint , please ?
 Best regards

 Mariusz Stakowski

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