[rt-users] installing RT in Windows 2000 environment

k b k_b0000 at yahoo.se
Mon Feb 13 20:52:17 EST 2006

--- Mariusz Stakowski <StakowskiM at prokom.pl> wrote:

>                                         Hello list,
>                 I'm trying to install RT in Windows
> 2000 environment. 
> Everything go well until the moment of execution of
> cgi script at 
> http://localhost:8284/cgi-bin/initdb.cgi. At this
> moment I receive the 
> folowing message:
> The page cannot be displayed.
>                 I have tried to look for the help in
> RT archives but could 
> not find the answer. I have found similar question
> in the mails, but the 
> answer for it was to look for a help in FAQs. But
> there too - there was 
> nothing concernig my problem. I have browsed though
> RT mail archives for 
> last two years but with no success. Or maybe I am
> not smart enough to find 
> it ? Or I am the only one to have this problem ? It
> is true - I am 
> beginner in Apache/WWW/RT world. 
>                                 Could someone give
> me a hint , please ?
>  Best regards
>  Mariusz Stakowski

i am guessing from the fact that the script you are
executing is initdb.cgi
1. is your database up and running. does it have a
user for rt? (typically rt_user with a password).

i had to run the initialize-database script manually
when i set my system up.

which database do you use?

2. look in your error_log file for apache, there is
probably some info there, for example you might be
able to see on which row the script fails out. look in
the script and see what happens there and post again
if needed.
i don't know where apaches logfiles are stored on
windows machines but you can always search after a
file called error_log.

3. consider setting up the system on a unix machine
(or linux).

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