[rt-users] Active Directory integration with RT3?

Jason Fenner jfenner at vitamix.com
Mon Feb 13 11:41:31 EST 2006

Hello list:

I am looking to deploy RT for ticket tracking at my corp.  We need RT to 
integrate into our existing Active Directory database of users for 
account creation and RT authentication.  I have been researching the RT 
wiki and found some references to LDAP Overlay, etc.  I have tried to 
implement several of them and so far have gotten zero positive results 
at all.  I can't even get unencrypted authentication to work.

The latest User_Local.pm that I am testing is from: 

I am getting the following error message:
[Mon Feb 13 16:19:14 2006] [critical]: GetExternalUserWithLDAP: Cannot 
bind to LDAP:  49

My RT_Site_Config.pm looks like:

Set($LDAPExternalAuth , '1');
 $LdapTLS = 0;
 $LdapGroup ="dc=domain,dc=com";
 $LdapGroupAttribute = 'uniqueMember';
 #$LdapSSLVersion = 3;

Does anyone have any idea what might be going wrong here? 
Has anyone gotten RT integrated with AD yet?
At the very least, can you point me to some accurate documentation?

Thanks a million!

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