[rt-users] Active Directory integration with RT3?

Jason Fenner jfenner at vitamix.com
Mon Feb 13 13:32:12 EST 2006

Yea, I tried that one too...but NTLM doesn't appear to work with 
apache2...the article was written with apache1.  Have you gotten this to 
work without relying on NTLM?

Nathan, Ahalya wrote:

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>Subject: [rt-users] Active Directory integration with RT3?
>Hello list:
>I am looking to deploy RT for ticket tracking at my corp.  We need RT to
>integrate into our existing Active Directory database of users for 
>account creation and RT authentication.  I have been researching the RT 
>wiki and found some references to LDAP Overlay, etc.  I have tried to 
>implement several of them and so far have gotten zero positive results 
>at all.  I can't even get unencrypted authentication to work.
>The latest User_Local.pm that I am testing is from: 
>I am getting the following error message:
>[Mon Feb 13 16:19:14 2006] [critical]: GetExternalUserWithLDAP: Cannot 
>bind to LDAP:  49
> (/opt/rt3/local/lib/RT/User_Local.pm:64)
>My RT_Site_Config.pm looks like:
>Set($LDAPExternalAuth , '1');
> $LdapServer="dc1.domain.com";
> $LdapUser="cn=Administrator,dc=domain,dc=com";
> $LdapBase="dc=domain,dc=com";
> $LdapUidAttr="uid";
> $LdapFilter="(objectclass=*)";
> $LdapTLS = 0;
> $LdapGroup ="dc=domain,dc=com";
> $LdapGroupAttribute = 'uniqueMember';
> #$LdapSSLVersion = 3;
>Does anyone have any idea what might be going wrong here? 
>Has anyone gotten RT integrated with AD yet?
>At the very least, can you point me to some accurate documentation?
>Thanks a million!
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