[rt-users] Seeking queue setup wisdom

Lee Roth bwc_lr1 at easy48.com
Wed Feb 15 00:28:32 EST 2006

I've been running/using RT (V3.2.3, just upgraded to V3.4.5) for some 
months now for a small group of network/sysadmin folks and I'm not 100% 
satisfied with the RT operation that I currently have.

Background: My initial setup of queues was based on type of gear, e.g. 
Routers, firewalls, servers, etc. All of these queues have a default 
priority range of 0 to 29 and escalation period of 7 days from min to max. 
I also have a queue for 'projects' that are long-term, back-burner kinds of 
things, so the escalation period is very long (6 months). I have a daily 
script that does the auto-escalate of priorities.

The problem is that the 'one-priority-scheme-fits-mostly-all' approach 
isn't working too well... calls that are 'hot' don't escalate as fast as 
they should from their initial logging (via email interface), while others 
get worked for a while and then need to migrate to a 'back-burner' lower 
priority and escalate much more slowly than default.

I like the ability to do end-of-month type reports and use the queue name 
to simply categorize the type of calls that have been worked, so I'm 
reluctant to create a plethora of queues with name based on priority + 
equipment category. Ick.

I've been toying with creating a custom field that mimics my current queue 
names and then have the queues be strictly named according to priority 
(urgent, important, routine, low), but then I lose my nice end-of-month 
ease of reporting what kind of gear that was worked on. (Read: Yes, I can 
craft reports on that custom field but I guess I am trying to avoid that.)

Big Question: For those of you that are successfully using RT to track 
technical requests and tasks, are your queues equipment/activity centric or 
priority-centric? Can you describe your RT implementation and how/why it 
works well for you?


Lee Roth
Email:  bwc_lr1 at easy48.com
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