[rt-users] how do i customize the default RT at a glance page globally?

Ryan Fox rfox at findlay.edu
Thu Feb 16 14:56:23 EST 2006

k b wrote:
> n the same manner i tried to change the content
> (showed columns)  of "10 highest priority tickets
> I own", when i did that the content changed but no
> tickets showed up for the users even though there
> were tickets.
> to display:
> #
> Requestors
> Subject
> Priority
> Queue
> Status
> Priority
> Created (relative)
> Started (relative)
> Due (relative)
Change the Format line in html/Elements/MyTickets

+        Format => "'<a 
Priority, QueueName, 

> i did change this for the root user, and then executed
> the following SQL:
> update attributes
> set content=
>  (SELECT content FROM attributes where id='7' and
>   objectid='12' and name='Pref-RT::Attribute-1' )
> WHERE id='1'
> and description='[_1] highest priority tickets I own';
uh... yeah.  I have no idea what this does, or why you did this.

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