[rt-users] RT For an ISP

Mustafa Badawi mustafa.badawi at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 09:22:58 EST 2006

Dear All

I am trying to use RT for my dialup clients. I only want my clients to use
the web interface to create tickets and not the email interface. I have
created an unprivileged RT account for each of my users. The problem I have
is that when the user logs on and selects the queue I have provided he/she
can enter any value in the requestor field thus automatically creating a new
user as a watcher. The rightful requestor of the ticket (the account I have
created) cannot actually view the new ticket because he/she has no
permission to view it.
Is there a way of forcing the requestor to be the RT account I have already
created! Keeping in mind that I do not want users seeing all the tickets in
the queue - only their own tickets.
Any hints would be greatly appreciated

Mustafa Badawi
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