[rt-users] 3.4.5 Bulk ticket update: Custom fields?

JB Segal jb at smarterliving.com
Tue Feb 21 16:56:13 EST 2006

Quoth Schultz, Eric (ESchultz at corp.untd.com):
> Search through the archives, someone contributed some code for this.  I
> didn't save the URL, unfortunately, from when I grabbed it.  However, I
> didn't like the code much, it didn't work too well, so I just used an
> idea or two and expanded it for my own use.  I had originally included
> this as another section on the bulk update page, but decided instead to
> have a separate bulk CF update page.  I think my code checks to make
> sure that if you change a CF, that change only gets applied to the
> queues it is associated with (e.g., your query returns tickets from more
> than one queue).

Are you able to publish your code?

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