[rt-users] notification of approvals

Bill Gunter bgunter at arcsystems.com
Tue Feb 28 17:14:35 EST 2006

Out of the box RT doesn't send emails to users with pending approvals.
The recommended templates create approval tickets with Status: new, but
the notification scrip in the ___Approvals queue is looking only for
tickets with Status: Open. Here is the custom condition that came with

	    $self->TicketObj->Type eq 'approval'	and
	    $self->TransactionObj->Field eq 'Status'	and
	    $self->TransactionObj->NewValue eq 'open'   and
	    eval { $T::Approving = ($self->TicketObj->AllDependedOnBy( Type => 'ticket' ))[0] }

Should I add 'Status: open' to my approval creation template, change the
scrip in the ___Approvals queue to look for tickets with Status: new, or
something else?


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