[rt-users] secret queues with restricted access

Luke Vanderfluit lvanderf at internode.com.au
Tue Jan 31 17:41:16 EST 2006

Hi Eric.
That sounds great.

Schultz, Eric wrote:

>Sure.  Just don't give the default groups (Everyone, Unprivileged,
>Privileged) SeeQueue or ShowTicket or anything like that.  That's the
>nice thing about the RT ACLs is that they start very restrictive, and
>you can ease it as much as you want.  It won't show up in Quick Search
>or in "New ticket in" or anything like that for anyone but those you
>explicitly give permission to.
I have an existing queue 'test' that has all those groups showing 'no 
rights granted'
How can I remove the rights that they have, if I wanted to restrict the 
'test' queue to only a few users or just one group?
It seems that by default the groups you mentioned *have* the rights to 
view the 'test' queue.

Hope this can be done.

Kind regards.

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>>I want to create a queue that is not visible to the bulk of RT users. 
>>Only a few.
>>So only a select number of users will have access AND be able 
>>to see the 
>>That means it should only show up in a queue listing for 
>>those specific 
>>I'm sure this can be done with a customised script but can it be done 
>>with existing config options?
>>Thanks for any help.
>>Kind regards.


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