[rt-users] RTFM Administration, Content, Topics and Classes

Sean something at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 04:28:25 EDT 2006

Cent OS 4.3 with rt-3.4.5 and RTFM-2.2.0RC2 (mySQL, new install).

The system seems to be working fine (I can create/take/resolve
requests, RTFM appears in the GUI, the Extract Article link appears in
RT, I can create RTFM articles, search for them from RT interface,

1. RTFM Administration page (right side of the screen) is empty
2. When working on a ticket, I cannot attach articles that I find
through article search interface to outgoing tickets (see the error
3. When I display an RTFM article (e.g.
http://localhost/RTFM/Article/Display.html?id=2), Content and Topics
are both empty. Even in Modify, there is no text area to enter
anything in Content. I don't know where to create Topics (I can only
list them) and the RTFM document is for v1.0 and it does not talk
about Topics.
4. When I attempt to Extract RTFM Article, it asks me to "Create a new
article in" (I have one Class it's called "Best Practices" which I
select) and then it asks me to choose Topics (which are empty and I
don't know how to create them). I also don't see any drop-down fields
like "body" mentioned in
5. When I go to http://localhost/RTFM/Topics.html I see no topics,
just my classes (and there's a header "Browse by Topic" - shouldn't
that be Browse by Class or "No topics are available"?). Also in the
article search page - the results list Topic/Class in the same column.

Can someone explain how to use Topics and if my setup seems to be
functioning normally (except for the error below)?
How to use "Custom Fields" that apply to RTFM and which Type should be
used how? I couldn't find info on this on the Web.

I am trying these things using a single user account with all
permissions granted.

There was one strange thing during RTFM setup - the "make initdb" step
did not work as it attempted to do its thing without using password to
mySQL DB. I "solved" that by directly executing the command (
/usr/bin/perl -Ilib -I/opt/rt3/lib /opt/rt3/sbin/rt-setup-database
--action schema --datadir etc --datafile etc/initialdata --dba
rt3-user --prompt-for-dba-password).


error:  RT::FM::Article::_UpdateTimeTaken Unimplemented in RT::Record.
(/opt/rt3/lib/RT/Record.pm line 1462)

context:  ...
492:  else {
493:  my ( $package, $filename, $line );
494:  ( $package, $filename, $line ) = caller;
496:  die "$AUTOLOAD Unimplemented in $package. ($filename line $line) \n";
497:  }
499:  }

code stack:  /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/DBIx/SearchBuilder/Record.pm:496

raw error

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