[rt-users] Emails in html format

Marie Gellbäck marie.gellback at jadestone.se
Wed Jul 5 01:56:44 EDT 2006



I’m trying to configure RT to send emails in HTML format.


I’m setting up a RT system (version 3.4) at my office to handle support
issues. Everything works fine and RT seems to be a great product.

But I would like to customize the setup in some ways to make the system look
more like our other services. That is why I would like to customize the
messages sent from RT. The emails should contain images as well as different
colours if it is possible, so that is why I would like to send the emails in
html format instead of in plain text. 

I have experimented with $PreferRichText and $TrustHTMLAttachments but
unfortunately without any progress. Searching the wiki and the mailing list
regarding my problem hasn’t given much. 

Does somebody know how to do it? Any help would be appreciated. 


Best regards


Marie Gellbäck


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