[rt-users] Rights not migrating

Drew Barnes barnesaw at ucrwcu.rwc.uc.edu
Wed Jul 5 08:26:05 EDT 2006

Grant ShowConfigTab rights to the group.  This was, IIRC, a change in 
the 3.4.x branch so that root wasn't a ticket owner simply because of 
SuperUser rights.

Mathew Snyder wrote:
> I'm migrating from RT v.3.0.9, Postgres to v3.6.0, MySQL v 5.0.22 on
> Fedora Core 5.  Our old setup has a group called RT_Admin to which I
> belong.  This group has SuperUser rights.
> I'm using the script for moving from Postgres to MySQL posted on the
> wiki by, I believe, Jesse.  Previously, I've had no problems with this
> process.  However, now when I move the database dump-file over to the
> new version the rights of that group are apparently wiped out as no one
> in the RT_Admin group has access to the Configuration menu.
> Have others had this happen?  As I said, previously it wasn't an issue.
> It suddenly has become one though.  Any help would be appreciated.
> Mathew Snyder
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